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New or secondary housing market. Such a difficult choice

The situation in the real estate market is developing according to the latest trends and customer requirements. As the saying goes, “demand creates supply,” and anyone who decides to buy real estate Eagle, will find a lot of suitable options. Statistics show that today the most popular continues to enjoy the apartment. How to choose an apartment, and on which to base their choice – try to understand this article. So you’ve decided that the apartment eagle worthy of your attention. Having studied the market supply and demand, you have come to the conclusion that the apartments in new buildings and apartments on the secondary market, as always competitive with each other. However, why do not all customers are dreaming of apartments in the building, as well as apartments on the secondary market, not all options are acceptable. What do you get when buying an apartment in the building? In the first place, often in new apartment buildings shall be no interior, so you have to spend a certain number of means to “bring to mind the apartment.” Again, a new home in the first two or three years of operation shrinks and can show all their shortcomings in construction. If you are not ready to invest in new housing means for its perfect form – the secondary housing market will be for you is more interesting. On the secondary market can find a truly unique offering for sale of apartments in buildings with centuries of history. Stalin’s homes with high ceilings and wide corridors now enjoy great popularity and the desire of young construction companies wishing to repeat the success of such a construction, not yet crowned with positive results. If an apartment in Stalin house attracts you with its size and the parameters – the secondary housing market will give you the opportunity to become owners of such property. Buying an apartment in the secondary real estate market you will undoubtedly have to invest in the conduct of a cosmetic or major repairs. But the undoubted difference from the buildings in this case will have confidence in itself as a building – the house has long given shrinkage and showed their shortcomings, they will not be a surprise to you. Which option to choose housing – up to you, but stopping their choice in a particular embodiment, be sure to carefully study the history of the apartment, so in the future, not to become involved in the case (with the heirs of the courts, the courts with the same homeowners who purchased the property in early you).